This year we are partnering with Exodus to launch a mentoring scheme for young people. Mentoring involves one Christian taking the initiative with another individual to help them know Christ better and obey him more fully through studying the Scriptures, prayer (for them and with them), sharing one’s life with them and leaving the results to God.

Exodus have designed mentoring courses for young people at different spiritual stages:


Each mentoring course contains 8 sessions and the mentors/young people will meet every three weeks for about 75 mins. The mentor will lead the process which will include discussing planned Bible readings, prayer, addressing specific issues of interest and more.

Mentoring allows us to develop intentional one-to-one relationships between young people/young adults and more mature followers of Jesus and there are several examples in the Bible [most notably Paul & Timothy] which show us how effective these relationships can be. While the mentor’s role is to lead and facilitate discussion, they too will gain a lot from the process.