Boys' Brigade

5th Carrick Boys’ Brigade

Our Company Section is for anyone of secondary school age and we would love you to join us. Come along on a Thursday night at 8.00pm and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Typical night is as follows:

7.30pm – Fall in & Announcements
7.40pm – Junior badge class [could be anything from basic cooking to weightlifting] & Senior Drill
8.05pm – Senior badge class & Junior drill
8.30pm – Scripture [A short time to engage with what the Bible says, this year we are looking at men in the Bible] 8.45pm – Squad games
9.00pm – Sport – Football, Pool, Table Tennis, PS4, Board Games etc.
10.00pm – Finish

Outside of our Thursday night programme we regularly take part in BB (National and Battalion) competitions such as Football, Badminton, Table Tennis, and the BB Quiz. Alongside these we also have our annual BB Weekend away which is not to be missed. We are a uniformed organisation and the uniform is as follows: Black school shoes and trousers, navy BB polo shirt and navy BB sweatshirt.

For more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Stephen (BB Captain) or Myles (Youth Co-ordinator).  We look forward to hearing from you.

Stephen Kinkaid (Captain) 07858 505588

Myles Tyrell (Youth Co-Ordinator) 07809 483971

Anchor Boys

Age: 5-8years
Time: 6.15-7.30pm

Junior Section

Age: 9-11years
Time: 7.00-9.00pm

Company Section

Age: 11-18years
Time: 8.00-10.15pm

We exist to advance Christ's kingdom and to promote the habits of obedience, reverence, discipline, self respect and all that tends towards a true Christian manliness