Our Vision

Come and See // Stay and Build // Go and Make

Along with the values of our church, our vision is for young people to:



Come and See

We have talked a lot recently about vision, about the next chapter here at Woodlands and what it might look like. After a lot of thinking, praying and refining I believe God has placed the following vision on our hearts- as we minister to young people we want them to:... read more

Stay & Build

Young people, as you come and see who God is, what he’s done and why it matters, we want you to stick around, to commit to being part of a community of people who follow Jesus together. Being a Christian is a difficult thing and God never intended for you to go... read more

Go & Make

The Bible is really clear about God’s heart for mission, he cares deeply about people who don’t know him. Young people, our vision is for you to come and see for yourselves what God has done for you and then we want you to stick around to be part of a... read more